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  1. Thank you, but it's the same. My wifi doesn't appear in network settings and bluetooth connects to my phone but it can't receive files.
  2. Hello guys! @MaLd0nI tried your efi folder, but bluetooth, card reader and wifi don't work and when I click on "shutdown" it powers off and after 2/3 seconds it powers on again. I have a Lenovo idepad s145-15IIL with i7 1065G7. Thanks.
  3. Do you mean a fakeid or a fake patch with hackintool? I tried with a coffee lake patch and I think it goes in a tx_flush loop. photo_2020-06-13 18.38.05.jpeg.zip
  4. How can I create my video patch with hackintool? Anyway...when I turn off my laptop it still powers on after 2 seconds.
  5. It's the same...trackpad,audio and bluetooth don't work and when I click on shutdown it turns off and after two seconds it powers on again.
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