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  1. Intel Xeon 5620 4 core 2.4 ghz 12 gigs ram Nvida Quadro 4000 Dell TS550 Workstaion need help with this badboy. Which would be the easiest os to install? so far different forums says go with maverick or el capitan.
  2. ykapumaui

    Xeon Cpu

    I just got a hold of an old dell workstation. intel Xeon CPU W3570 quad @ 3.2 ghz 12 gigs ram EVGA Geforce 210 Will High Sierra support this set up? Don’t wanna keep on using windows. Da Vinci Resolve works way better on Mac. Even Adobe CC works way better.
  3. ykapumaui


    should i start with sierra or high sierra? these are the specs HP pavillion real basic specs amd phenom II x2 521 3.5 Ghz 4 gig ram ATI radeon HD 4200
  4. ykapumaui


    What is the oldest CPU that can be used for a hackintosh? i have a linux machine already. but i want try because i like the challenge.
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