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  1. Hallo, Is this Patch needed for Mojave i7-2600k and patched DSDT and SSDT? thanks in advance
  2. Hallo, please can you patch my DSDT, just installed the latest BIOS and vBIOS and both support UEFI now, so HD 7850 works now when HD 3000 is disabled. Send me Mac de Hazem.zip Thanks in Advance
  3. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Hey man This is my RunMe file, please can you patch my DSDT Send me Hazems-iMac.fritz.box.zip Thanks man
  4. Please can you patch my DSDT tables https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N5FbGJe7r6Or8M7hm_W5WITlT8-ZvOW0 Thanks in advance
  5. Yes I am using UEFI,but my Graphics card doesn't have uefi part
  6. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Yes I am using UEFI but my Graphic card does not have a uefi vbios
  7. Hallo, I have i7 2600k installed on gigabyte z77p-d3(https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z77P-D3-rev-10#sp), which is 7th generation chipset. I use sapphire HD 7850 2GB OC for my graphics but can't boot with it because it reachs always to a black screen and nothing happens at all (even with safe mode and can't even install MacOS using it), I tried all possible flags and WEG with Lilu but no luck to fix the black screen. So I am using intel hd 3000 as a helping graphics to boot and at the very end the cursor appear but no interaction is possible (no kext is loaded), so I connect the di
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