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  1. Can i used the beta 6 image flashed on my USB to restore on my SSD?
  2. Downloaded beta 5 also but no luck still have SIGKILL error
  3. I also having this problem. Did you find any solution??
  4. Same problem with beta 6 installation can you please check my EFI sir? EFI 0.6.1 Also im trying to used your premade EFI but cannot advance to installation with verbose error Error I can install catalina but I can’t stall big sur.
  5. Do you have copy of beta 5 installer? Can’t download the one that uploaded to G Drive
  6. Good day. Anyone experienced problem with beta 6 installation? Mine just reboot after 22 minutes of installation on second stage. Reboot without any verbose text and repeat the second installation again. Second anyone got a copy of big sur beta 5 can’t download the beta 5 here because of the google drive issue. Thank you
  7. Still Stuck at second stage of installation of big sur beta 6 and it will reboot when it reached 22 minutes remaining with no verbose just black screen and reboot then it will just repeat the second stage again
  8. No full installation just like beta 7 that can be downloaded?
  9. Do you have working EFI for this specs I have working EFI but i cannot install big sur beta 6 it will reboot on 13 minutes left on the first stage of installing. SPECS: __**Code.Red's Dell G7 7590:**__ Screen Size: 15.6" Screen Panel Type: IPS Resolution: 1920 x 1080 CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H CPU Core Clock: 2.6 GHz CPU Boost Clock: 4.5 GHz Memory: 16 GB Battery Capacity: 60 Wh CPU Microarchitecture: Coffee Lake Refresh GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2060/ UHD 630 SSD1: PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive HDD2: 1TB SATA Hard Drive
  10. Waiting for the link hope is not GDrive. Lol.
  11. can you please upload beta 5 on different provider? google drive was not good
  12. Any solution on automatically reboot when 22 minutes remaining then it just repeat?
  13. No error just installation process and it will continue to reboot once it hit 22 mins remaining and im using my EFI config i used for Big sur beta 5. Im just trying to install it on Adata SX8200 Pro. 22 minutes remaining loop verbose text before timer start installed catalina but when updating direct to Big sur beta 6 same problem
  14. mine stock at 26 mins of installation then it will reboot again and when i tried to boon on the installation it will happen again just like a loop. any idea?
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