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  1. what does it mean if intel geekbench is being shown 528(single core) and 2430(multicore) ? that is very low than on MaLd0n screen
  2. Bigsur isn't being installed with the clover EFi folder, installation goes and when estimated time is 12 min- reboot.... BiSur are installed with opencore EFI folder but touchpad elan, battery, return from sleep mode don't work and in Geekbench Score is showed 528(single core) and 2430(multicore) LENOVO IdeaPad S145-15IWL 81MV00SPRK , 15.6", Intel Core i5 8265U 1.6ГГц, 8ГБ, 128ГБ SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 620, voale’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  3. I downloaded your last EFI version from first post and my issues with brightness keys and black screen are disappeared BUT with last EFI and BIOS I have a new problem DW1560 isn't working, altghouth on previous dsdt it was ok may be you know how to solve problem with dw1560? I have done rebuild cache but nothing changed could you send me your FULL work EFI for s145-15iwl+dw1560+ELAN145 thanks
  4. I have solved the problem, may be/ I opened a report from AIDA64 and I saw [ Intel Whiskey Lake-U GT2 - Integrated Graphics Controller ] Whiskey Lake-U GT2PCI-устройство 8086-3EA0 / 17AA-3F1A (Rev 02) and I set it in config.plist Am I right? what do you think about it? BUT I have 7Mb in info about it Graphics Intel Corporation, Series Chipset Iris Plus Graphics 655 7Mb Code: Properties Key: AAPL, ig-platform-id Properties Value: 0900A03E Value Type: DATA Code: Properties Key: device-id Properties Value: A03E0000 Val
  5. I tried opencore and I got the same black screen and before the issue I took photo last message I attached photo [IGPU] Graphics Address: PPGTT, Separate Addresss Space Screenshot_20200329-005858.png.zip
  6. I have S145-15IWL Model with Intel Core i5 8265u / Intel UHD Graphics 620 I am using your EFI I have some issues 1) if I don't check inject EDID and Intel in clover settings -> I am getting a black screen on built-in display, alhought on external monitor it's everything ok. if check Inject EDID and Inject Intel in Clover settings - it's everything ok on both(built-in and external) displays 2) brightness keys don't work 3) I have errors with Voodoo2ELANTouchPaddriver ELAN0629 invalid report, althought touchpad is working may be you know how to solve the
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