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    i7 8700
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    Asus Z370 Rog Strix F
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    Intel UHD 630
  1. Hello everyone, Found you yesterday and as I can see you have a really nice community. I need you help cause I struggle every time with sleep/wake. My machine sleeps just fine.Sometimes it wakes with a keystroke other won't if machine slept for many hours. When it doesn't,my keyboard and my mouse light up and after 5 seconds they lose their lighting and I stuck in a black screen. I think it has something to do with my usb ports. I did the Hackintool guide with the usb.kext, but every time it fails to wake up. With usbinjectall sometimes it wakes up other won't.
  2. Hey , Nice community you have. Can I have a DSDT file for my system? Sleep is not working correct neither USB ports. Mobo = Asus Z370 Rog Strix F Gaming CPU = Intel i7 8700 GPU = Nvidia 1080 + Intel UHD 630 Thank you! https://filebin.net/vag9ckkikmugrhfg Send me iMac-Alexandros.zip
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