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  1. Somebody that do installation by USB and kext no work anymore? BugSur RTL8111 VodooHDA Thanks
  2. I made several attempts in all possible ways, with WG, without WG, with USBINJECTALL, without, with new OC, with my functional (07/05) with 06/07 with prebuilt (in haswell) nor the boot effect. Not yet functional
  3. Não sera compativel mesmo, estamos falando de outro sistema, apenas siga, o OC é o terceiro arquivo do tutorial, (PS) em minha maquina nunca funciona esses premade de OC, então cuidado com o desgaste.
  4. My Boot stuck here (image) and next stop with a screen error, Somebody help me?, my EFI is attached too; EFI.zip
  5. My OC 0.5.9 that work in my machine More two options go work? or need be the 6.0?
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