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  1. thanks maldon now if I get the percentage of the battery. a question, why is the percentage of charge not updated when I connect it to the power? It only shows me the percentage of charge when connecting to the current and does not update.
  2. delete the ssdts from my efi folder? or where do I copy this dsdt file? apologies for the ignorance and thanks to you for your help.
  3. copy the config.plist you passed me to my efi folder and then I did the extraction. this is the file. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tVpqM4bQnSchLJM8GyI29Dmu3-wgt0Of?usp=sharing
  4. deleting the ACPI folder is renaming OSI to XOSI? A thousand apologies for the ignorance I am a beginner in this hackintosh. or can you help me with that please?
  5. Could you help me with something else, please? I do not get the battery percentage, I already loaded virtualsmc kext with its corresponding plugins. maybe i need a drum patch? I leave you the link of my efi folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dpD1vG7NYT2d8Twq3o-UOJ19M_RnLnZC?usp=sharing
  6. Thank you for responding and for your kindness in helping those who are beginners. I tell you that I did the patching like this in the link you gave me but there is a problem that when starting and being on the login screen you see the image with errors, I close the laptop screen, I open it again and it fixes, recognizing the iGPU and graphics acceleration. The problem is only when I turn on the laptop and it reaches the login. you help me please? Attached photos. Photos.rar
  7. Hi, I need help. i just installed high sierra open core to my lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 laptop, use dortania guide for config.plist configuration. The problem is that I do not have graphic acceleration and that it has 7 mb. I attach photos and my EFI folder. Greetings from Bolivia. Lenovo Thinkpad yoga s1 / core i5 4th / intel hd graphics 4400 / RAM 8 gb https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5xXS-xg8e1zZg4dKiJH8wE58uCMq-sa
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