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  1. Hello, I am looking for assistance with my MSI Laptop Build. I am happy I have gotten this far, but I am still booting from the USB lol. I made a denotation without realizing that its curtesy to donate when asking for help. So I made another donation. My failed attempts..... I can understand how annoying some people can be and how doing this type of work can also be annoying. Im just tripping off the fact that I have MacOS on this thing, running. I opted for theHigh Sierra because I don't think my hardware is supported on the other OS. There are a number of things that are being logged at the start and shutting down of the laptop. Gloat to my peers about their 1200+ laptops, I would like to get this one running. I did the RUNME thing and it made the zip file attached. Some direction would be amazing. For the most part I am a windows user... I mean.. Linux.. I can get my self around that just fine... but this? waaaaa.... even windows now is so different from windows 2000... Im so over it, I just want to click and clack here and there and get some novelty use out of this old Laptop. HELP ME OBI WAN! Send me Richards-MBP.zip
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