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  1. How can i get correct config with your dsdt patched? what does it take?
  2. Hi all! Timeout (countdown) not working in Clover boot menu =( NVRAM? Can you help me? My EFI: https://easyupload.io/qi3zau (GA-B360M-HD3/I3-8100)
  3. Hi all! Is there any free way to organize RDP Server on Mac OS? Exactly RDP, VNC is not particularly suitable. Can someone have experience? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all! I have hackintosh (10.15) and win on my harddrive. I boot through Clover. Timeout (countdown) for autoboot not working. Only when i choose win or mac then boot starting. How fix it? Thank you advance MB: Gigabyte B360M-HD3 CPU: i3-8100 RAM: 16GB DDR4 NVME EFI https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vMBrDjmHuRE_yFox7WU4id6TxBZ9Cu2X/view?usp=sharing
  5. @MaLd0nI did this( still not work( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vMBrDjmHuRE_yFox7WU4id6TxBZ9Cu2X/view?usp=sharing config3.plist
  6. @MaLd0n I did it. Clover boot very slow with error This is work, but video acceleration dont work (artefacts and more) [IGPU] Graphics driver failed to load: could not register with Framebuffer driver
  7. Hi! I completely install Catalina 10.5.3 but graphics Intel UHD 630 don't work( Can you help me? EFI https://filebin.net/rp8tisk76dd2yt0e/EFI.zip?t=ebj5pdqy
  8. @Tomas Šaduikis Oh, thanks!! What does "System Config" do?
  9. @MaLd0nThank you! Can I go into a little more detail? I don't see the "manu" section =( What will these actions do? 😃
  10. Hello! My hardware: Motherboard - Gigabyte B360M-HD3 CPU - I3-8100 GPU - Intel UHD 630 What I do: 1. Install with step by step your guide. (I choose config2.plist, because confit.plist stuck my pc) 2. Download clover folder (100,200,300) chipset and past in /Volumes/EFI 3. Reboot. Login into system and get graphics artefacts( I can't use this( P.S.i try config.plist for UHD 630 from forum graphics, but this also don't work correctly( Problem: Graphics UHD 630 don't work correctly. No acceleration Please help me! Thank you advanced https://filebin.net/ajz64mcqv4nic4f9/pspy.zip?t=5iq1sv3d
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