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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dRnGxw4xxcC7gPB5AHnCq1ecSzlTmoPU/view?usp=sharing The efi folder with everithing working ! If its helps for anyone with same hardware setup
  2. Hello folks. I have get functionally working HP DQ-1037-WM, its a pretty laptop thinking about cheapest model and new generation cpu. it has 1035g4 (i5 10th gen) Whats working? VIDEO (Intel IRIS PLUS) both acceleartions OK Audio (all inputs and outputs) Microphone Wifi (usb TPLINK TU2 AC600) -->great choice because its dual band 5ghz ready. Brigthness keys (using cl pnlf file) suspend / wakeup I share the efi folder with opencore Still get working : I need help with this Battery status Trackpad Fix iCLOUD
  3. olarila bigsur stuck login screen after enter password aleatori z270 i7 7700t r9 290 Opencore
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