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  1. Hi I want Clover EFI folder works with Big Sur My device speces: CPU : Core i3 3120M - Ivy Bridge GPU : Intel HD 4000 RAM : 4 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 HDD : 500 GB
  2. Hi, I want to hackintosh my Dell 5558 Inspiration, I tried about 21 times with Dortania Guide exactly but that didn't work and boot to Big Sur. Can any one share EFI for this specs : Model : Dell 5558 Inspiration CPU : i5 5005U GPU :Intel Graphics HD 5500 CPU Generation Code Name : Broadwell-U RAM : 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Storage : HDD 500 GB
  3. I have successfully booted macOS Big Sur using Clover 5124 but I need to fix Intel Graphics HD 4000 with full GPU acceleration.
  4. Nice!!! Did you develop this app by yourself or persons helped you?
  5. I plan to buy Intel latest generation and I would like to use Clover, I hate Open Core I want to install Catalina or later on Intel latest generation using Clover and working config. How do I use fakecpuid?
  6. I need help in Open Core Config so I can boot Big Sur installation My device : Intel Core i3 Gen 3rd Ivy Bridge laptop I dont know how to fix this? it says you have 15 settings in UEFI section in the plist you should have 16 settings, how to get / what setting should I add? Open Core 0.6.0
  7. Here is the problem: I must fix it to make sure that I can boot OC without any problems
  8. Hello, After I choose the correct selects for my hardware... Do I need to make edit on Plist? or just paste it to EFI folder of USB?
  9. Noob question.. Should I paste my EFI Clover or Open Core to EFI USB?
  10. For Coffee lake only? Just I need to paste it to EFI USB after burning Olarila Big Sur if my device Coffee Lake?
  11. Do I need to edit on Clover and add patches or something? Or just past your PREMADE CLOVER in EFI? *after mount and restore Big Sur to the disk*
  12. Where is Clover method? Will this work on Intel i3 Gen 3th? Just I need to paste it to my EFI ?
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