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  1. That is most impressive, am d/l now. Perfect timing, I just got the components for a new build. Mid-level Ivy Bridge, planning on dual-boot w/Win7. Re the Ivy Bridge, any special aspects or warnings just for IB? I have made a few hackmacs and think I have the general procedure down fairly well. Have seen that IB needs the Bridge Builder from tonycrap, also have seen some comments that Mountain Lion has a few new peculiarities beyon those of 10.7.4 Thank you very much for this post and contribution.
  2. I have been mucking about with my ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT. Have that in a micro-ITX case and it's really very neat little package. i3-2100, 4GB Geil 1600 memory, Seagate 500GB 7200.12, ASUS HD 6450 Silent. Have been trying to install Snowy, mostly with tonycrap tools with no real luck. Will extract the DSDL using a live Linux install, then want to see if I can patch that. No patch for that specific mobo, but I am thinking that your mobo is really very similar and maybe would work using that as the patch for the Z68 version. A bit unlikely but more of a learning experience with a small hope of a goo
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