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  1. Hi, hello, anyone here ? Can assist me ? I mean timeout in CLOVER bootloader not working ! :"\
  2. Hi, I have problem with enabling time countdown to let CLOVER auto boot into already highlighted partition. I also have choosen timeout is 10 in config.plist and saved it and restart/shutdown then boot up again but still no countdown appears, it stand still with no time countdown and I have to choose one of shown partitions to boot, if not, if will stuck there. How can I fix this ? Thanks ! (Of course I already have Osaptiov3 and Emuvariable)
  3. In short, to better understand what I did: If I found out layout-id which has subwoofer so there are 2 cases: + Subwoofer but separated, not working together with mono (so I have to choose or internal (mono) or internal (subwoofer) + Subwoofer but only sound from the left, there's no sound on the right. And both 2 cases, subwoofer only work on the left, on the right it's not. So... I mean how to let internal (subwoofer) work at the same time with internal (mono) - like on Windows. macOS only work or mono or subwoofer, not together. Any advises from you, I very appreciated, tks <3
  4. Okay thanks a lot. Here's what I found: There are 3 layout-id that has subwoofer but has their own problem: layout-id 13 & 97 : Has 2 internal (1 is mono, 1 is subwoofer) and I have to choose 1, or mono or subwoofer, can't make it play at the same time (mono+ subwoofer at the same time I mean) but if I choose subwoofer, only the speaker on the left works, on the right not. layout-id 57 & 1 more I forgot to note: only subwoofer, but the strange thing here (like 13 & 97): subwoofer will work only on the left, right is not. layout-id 56: seems have both mono and subwoofer (i am not sure) but microphone not working... so... forget it :''D ... and the rest layout-id I've tried: only mono sound, no subwoofer. So... what should I do now ?
  5. Hi, my hackintosh on DELL 7567 is almost complete but I still have one thing, that's subwoofer on ALC256, currently sound from my dell 7567 just a mono ? I hear there's no bass, I mean there's no more subwoofer (on my Windows it works normally). I use layout-id = 21 for my ALC256, if I use layout-id = 13 it will also has subwoofer but it's separated, not work at the same time (have to toggle to subwoofer and I will hear only subwoofer works but not mono). I'm using AppleALC to patch, so.... anyone knows how to fix this ? Thanks ! My specs: i5 7300HQ, GTX1050, Intel HD 630 Graphics
  6. Thanks, but... I read somewhere randomly on the internet and they said there's some laptop (like rog strix, mine i am using) HDMI output just use discret graphics, not on-board GPU (Intel) so no hope for patching HDMI output, is this true or not ? How about your HDMI output ?
  7. Hi, I am having problem with patching HDMI output Intel graphics UHD 630 (from Rog Strix G - G531GU - i7 9750H, GTX1660ti) I don't know if my config.plist is cofigured correctly or not, but when I use Hackintool and use 0x3E9B009 (suite for my laptop) and watch for red line (following the guide patching from t.o.nymacx86) but I see no red line appear. So I don't know how to continue to patch from here. This rog strix G laptop of mine as I can see just have 2 ports: HDMI and Type C (as I did read tech specs on ASUS website of this products, this type C also support / perform / export and use as a DP) so I don't know if my laptop has only HDMI or plus that type C (and yes definitely beside HDMI, no more another ports). Please have a look into my config.plist and support me to fix HDMI, I plugged the HDMI cable from Sony Smart TV android to my laptop (Hackintosh running) but nothing happened, even red light line not show up. (Note: I installed and using Mojave 10.14.6 - also in the config.plist I cloned the RT Variables and SMBIOS (Macpro 6.1) , not a real one I'm using (Macbook Pro 15.2) ) I'm very glad and very appreciate with the guide and help from you guy. Tk u, have a nice day ! config.plist.zip
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