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  1. Hello MaLd0n I put the DSDT.aml file on OpenCore. Mojave and Catalina disks are not a problem during boot, but windows10 gives blue screen. Do you have any idea why?
  2. Hello MaLd0n It's OK, I miss the some BIOS settings. Now it's boot with your OC EFI folder on flashdrive. Here is the new send_me .zip file address: https://mega.nz/file/okkR1IxR#jrW4DSFU_fz1X_BGE1uuQYVDOj8W7H1qg9HkdLVuijA
  3. Hello MaLd0n Stuck on boot from flash drive, here is the images https://mega.nz/file/M8FnGSrK#Jo0ssoyphDb0P9_QfVty_j9fGYzTWSOV5bIycmiV4aQ https://mega.nz/file/NsED0CpS#0Z6mWGjpSmiLKFM4KwB8dH1WtvPlcIHhrjjTvHCv8_M https://mega.nz/file/d0Ml1a6L#sLc3hzL5J3PfhQny0QvnHHWGDJUSItyerE2jYPNokvU https://mega.nz/file/J5VxFKaK#SGm_k5w9EhxY3z7Ucdm1ODL-seS0XJmjXzs4KQ-97wI
  4. Hello MaLd0n I have a Mojave system that works with the Cloverbootloader you created earlier. I want to install Catalina with Opencore and can you help me with this? The .zip file I created with runme.app is attached. NOTE: I have a question. Is it possible to boot with opencore by simply replacing the bootloader part of the existing Mojave system, or do I need to install vanilla all over again? Here is the send_me.zip file : https://mega.nz/file/Q8cXTAKC#CRBtjAvz6rXFJJKBUFGE-S20jKtLuuDUOZHeyls9Srk
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