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  1. I'm using that already virtualsmc with its smc battery manager
  2. The trackpad pane just says this
  3. Thank you, the touchpad works with that DSDT edit but I can't seem to left click, it just right clicks instead. Gestures work properly and 2 finger press works properly.
  4. Ok, here is the link https://gofile.io/d/oxj6iX
  5. I can boot now but the touch pad still doesn't work. I tried GPIO pinning for the specific touch pad but that also didn't work, maybe I was doing it incorrectly. The updated files are https://gofile.io/d/MwJbhQ
  6. I found that the first issue was that I didn't have a SSDT-XOSI which meant it couldn't detect the touchpad, but now that I have added it, VoodooPS2 and VoodooI2C give a bunch of errors
  7. I'm using the EFI from https://www.olarila.com/topic/5676-folders-for-all-chipsets-clover-and-opencore/ for COFFEELAKE / WHISKEYLAKE / COMETLAKE. I just had to use a new config plist due to the one included not working with my laptop. I have included the EFI and updated run me in the link since I've changed a few things https://filebin.net/li3yeqhwf9v13s6s Thank you for the help
  8. Hello, I have an Asus VivoBook Flip TP412 with an i5-10210U with the ELAN 1300 touchpad running Catalina, I have tried different kexts and patches but patching the touch pad has not been successful. I'd appreciate some help with this. I attached my send me file, thank you. Send me.zip
  9. I don't really see this igpu in many lists but 1 list said it is supported in macos since 10.14 and others don't list it at all so I'm not sure if it has support. If not then oh well, thanks anyway for the help and touchpad fix
  10. Hi, now it is a black screen with no flickering
  11. I don't think it does, I loaded that EFI and the screen is black and flashes white for half a second every few seconds
  12. Hi, I've spent the whole day trying to find and apply various patches for my graphics to work because it's on 4MB of vram and I can't seem to fix it no matter what I try. My graphics are Intel UHD 610 and CPU is Intel Pentium 5405u and this is not as important but I have a i2c hid touchpad and it doesn't work. Thanks. Here is my RunMe output https://filebin.net/ufwrglrgsblqt8e3
  13. Thank you, that worked!
  14. Hi, I'm fairly new to hackintoshing, successfully done it on my pc, now I'd like to on my laptop but I've ran into some problems. I have a Lenovo Ideapad C340 with a Intel Pentium 5405U and Intel UHD 610. I have got Mojave on a USB and when I boot into it through the F12 boot menu, it successfully boots into Clover and I choose Olarila Mac then it runs through code and boots into Windows. The code is too quick for me to read, it goes for about 10 seconds then boots into Windows.
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