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  1. Updated mine earlier with no issues. @MaLd0n when updating Catalina, do I also need to update opencore and kexts?
  2. Hi MaLd0n! Got a question, currently, I am using clover (I think) configuration. If I switch to OpenCore, will my current DSDT work?
  3. Hi, I tried moving the cable from one port of the gpu to another, then suddenly, it worked. Plugged it back to the previous port, it worked. Weird, but it worked.
  4. Hi MaLd0n, I was trying to add a secondary monitor via display port. However, hackintosh wont detect the monitor. I tried it via hdmi, it works. Any solution to make display port work?
  5. The new link works The one in the sticky does not: https://www.olarila.com/forum/78-donators-room/ <<<---does not work for me.
  6. Hi there MaLd0n! I tried to enable filevault, problem is, my hackintosh can't boot afterwards. Any solution/procedure to have filevault/APFS encrypted working?
  7. Oh! haha, sorry, I am a noob so I am not so familiar with the abbreviations. I have no idea what OpenCore is, not sure if it is in my hackintosh too. All I did was install the image, have some stuff in the EFI and patched DSDT from Mald0n. I'd be interested to know about OpenCore stuff.
  8. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], thanks. Maybe my last question before the year ends - is there a way to install hackintosh with APFS Encrypted? I once but after the install got completed, the hackintosh won't boot. Happy New Year to everyone!
  9. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], quick question: under the config.plist-->>smbios, there is an option to generate new System Serial Number and System SmUUID, is it safe to generate new ones? And also the Board Serial Number, is it okay to retain the one from the one you sent me or do I need a new one? Will it not cause conflict to features like iMessage?
  10. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], thanks for that response! By the way, I sent a small donation some days ago, were you able to verify it? Once you can verify I will start making commitment for monthly contribution for this awesome community.
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