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  1. Reboot loop, I can't make a photo of the error moment because the computer turns off (videos from previous post) https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a4767ab05bc661c40608e827558a9fd120191214232233/4d4ef3c308b91bed488fc5c12d7f7e1820191214232233/7ff475 first error I could find: ACPI Error: [\_SB_.PCI0.SATA] namespace lookup failure....... zip with a few snapshots of video attached Added in 31 minutes 14 seconds: [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], I can also use your DSDT.aml on the B360 EFI USB does not work Audio also not Attached OC folder with your DSDT on B360 EFI (EFI too larg
  2. Yes The efi from 1st post of topic Olarila efi does NOT boot The EFI I send you BOOT... (from the MSI B360) https://github.com/SuperNG6/MSI-B360-10.14.6-EFI/tree/OpenCore I think he did something special for these MSI boards... Thanks.
  3. Stuck on (maybe) the same reboot loop as I started off with the first time I used the Olarila folder... Replaced the EFI back to the MSI B360 one and booted again... videos from startup (slomo): FULL BOOT (including bios post) (60MB) https://wetransfer.com/downloads/297d4a662a01eab660559310ccc3987c20191214232316/549d7a6169d1e80cdd9f9241b5072cf720191214232316/cb617f ONLY VERBOSE LOG (29MB) (sharper to read) https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a4767ab05bc661c40608e827558a9fd120191214232233/4d4ef3c308b91bed488fc5c12d7f7e1820191214232233/7ff475 Thanks for trying to help me! You
  4. Hi, First some background information: I've been having problems with Clover for the last year, it worked but not flawlessly so I left it there. There was a recurring problem with the AptioFixes from build 48xx and up. Before these problems I had installed and configured Clover multiple times from scratch with succes (using only Clover Configurator)… Because It’s getting clear to me OpenCore is the future and much cleaner than Clover I decided to figure out if it is usable… I've been trying to install Catalina for days using opencore using this setup and could not get it to work.
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