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  1. Wow even the Don is at a loss :/ Dayem ... Well thanks anyways
  2. Did you check out screenshots I sent ? There must be a Kext am missing or what other burning software can I use ? Plz I need it ASAP !
  3. I have SATA/PATA ... Look for yourself : See what I mean ?
  4. Ok thanks .. I put it in /Extra rebooted n nothing ... Well at least no KPs so far, but Toast still won't see my Recorder ... Although in system profile it sees it ! What can I do to fix this ?
  5. Err... Thanks ? I apply it with DSDT Auto Patcher ? I selected install from location but Patch button remains greyed out :/
  6. Ok thanks for tim though it was in Portuguese but images clarified everything .. Find my DSDT attached acpi_dsdt.zip
  7. Hey : I have Lion running on my N80v series Laptop except it's buggy as hell ! Toast won't see my Recorder, Random KPs ! I was told by a Hackintosh Dev that I needed a DSDT built for my Laptop in order for it to run smooth ! Anyway find attached result of Run_me tool bu MadL0n ! Thanks you guys send_me.zip
  8. I do not have Lion/SL on that system yet ... I can't because I am missing the DSDT ! Here's Motherboard Link : http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/Maximus_Extreme/
  9. Hey : I dunno what to send except that I have been waiting ages n still don't see this Mobo included ! It's a Maximus Extreme Mobo first of its series ! Please include it in an upcoming update ! Thanks
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