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  1. Actually I had some issues 1. Clover takes long time to boot, around 1min or so, and tried to clean it up to make to faster but anything I remove, breaks it so tried oc. 2. My laptop microphone doesnt have proper gain, like I can only hear tapping on the microphone, nothing else. I tried to use some guides to patch it platform.xml files but failed. like this one- https://github.com/F0x1c/AppleALC_Instructions/blob/master/README.md 3. And I always wanted to use Uefi but didn’t know untill trying to work with opencore that its Mac, not the bootloader thats the issue.
  2. Hi Maldon, I am trying to replace Clover with Opencore, I have used your Clover EFI and Dsdt , it has been working perfect. But when I try to boot with the Opencore Efi , it stops at "AppleIntelLpssI2CController::_serviceMatchingTimeSubr: fTimerServiceMatching timed out," and It flashes waiting for Root Device then scrambled screen. I didn't change anything from your EFI folder and was using Opencore as legacy. My Laptop supports UEFI but somehow Mac won't boot on UEFI with my battery in. Same case for clover and Opencore.
  3. @MAldon- I have tried all the layout. when I record voice memos, I am able to hear very faint noise from it , it seems like the gain of internal microphone is too low. Is there any way that it can be increased? And also, will you be able to help in multitouch gestures for ELAN1010 touchpad?
  4. @Maldon- I have audio working fine but can't use my microphone. Will this help in that too?
  5. Hi, I been trying to edit dsdt to apply few patches but there are some errors in the origin file itself which is preventing me to apply patches or or to even just compile it. Patchers I am trying to apply- 1) Fixing Multitouch on ELAN touchad 2) Battery Indicator and also to fix ACPI error related to LPB.BAT0 during . I am using MBR as my laptop won't boot on battery with UEFI. 3) Brightness of the screen http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=81588472029355991500 Thank you.
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