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  1. onedrive link seems to be broken can use smash? thanks bro!
  2. Olarila BigSur Beta 9 https://www.olarila.com/topic/6278-new-vanilla-olarila-images/ Today Apple released macOS Big Sur Beta 9 (20A5384c) to Developers macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 9 (20A5384c) was released on September 29nd, 2020 only 7 days after Beta 8! edit: waiting for @MaLd0n to upload an awesome ISO
  3. cool! waiting ISO to download 😝
  4. 1 (or 2 uploads) at least for each new Beta! and the UI is so simple for all users 😜
  5. smash is the best option, i tried so many alternatives and cost/benefit is the best you can do custom URLs too on the upload page to generate a custom link for your uploads
  6. thanks for the smash link, downloading fast as hell now! i hope you use it normally for the next releases regards and keep it up the great work
  7. @MaLd0n you going to upload Beta 6? please use an alternative to Google Drive, i can't download with those limitations torrent or https://fromsmash.com (14 days) regards!
  8. i can't download the beta version @MaLd0n google restrictions for that file can you do a torrent? thanks!
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