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    Intel 620 integrated graphics
  1. yes I used the Olarila folder for the Kabylake chipset..
  2. Hey Maldon, thanks for the file, but it gives an error on boot this is the error... I tried copying some of the code into the original DSDT but it still gave the same error https://ibb.co/TvPfhDy
  3. Hey Maldon.. Here I have uploaded the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a3cp5Foj37bt15c3bic_NiPRQ0w4OHxI
  4. I dont know how to disable it.. I tried searching online also but I dont know 😭 all I know is that prt1 of Sata0 must be disabled . Maldon please direct further!!
  5. Hey Maldon.. thanks for the help, but I am unable to do this,,,, I found the device in ioreg but am unable to disable it . Please direct further!! https://ibb.co/ZJkHhyn here is the image of ioreg I thought this would be useful but am confused
  6. Hi Maldon, I didnt understand what you meant by "check inside xhc device" I searched clover for the option, but I didnt find it. neither did I find any relatable idea on the net. please if you can do explain what do I do ps. sorry for the late reply I was caught up in uni work
  7. my Hackintosh laptop often crashes.. here is the error code any help would be appreciated!!!
  8. ok , but now I'm stuck do i replace the on board wifi or something? or does something like a Bluetooth plus wifi adapter work?
  9. Intel 3168 WiFi plus Bluetooth I think
  10. Hello friends I recently installed Olarila Catalina on my hp pavilion laptop and am happy to report that mostly everything works fine, except the bluetooth I followed the tutorial in the site, but here is the problem- when I installed through the boot usb, before I installed clover and one of the clover files provided , bluetooth worked fine. but now it does not, and I have become frustrated searching for a fix in the network preferences the bluetooth appears as bluetooth PAN but I cannot switch it on . I would appreciate any help !! by the way specs are i7 7500u integrated intel 620 graphics EFI.zip
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