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  1. Hi, in the past I used to be able to set up Clover to run a countdown before booting automatically to the selected drive. I did this by going to Clover Configurator, Boot, setting the Default Boot Volume to "Last Booted" and setting a timeout value (5 seconds). However, this doesn't seem to work any more after I updated Clover. I can't figure out why. Could someone please have a look at my config.plist and let me know what's causing the issue? Happy to share a link to EFI folder if needed. Thanks. config.plist.zip
  2. I'm not using that computer any more. Have you gone through the process of copying your EFI from your USB to your hard disk's EFI partition?
  3. Update: so, while using this kext fixes the trackpad issue, it also broke my brightness controls, which previously worked with VoodooPS2Controller. What can I do to fix this @MaLd0n? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for this. If I remove VoodooPS2Controller my keyboard stops working. How do I make sure this doesn't happen? EDIT: I went on and removed VoodooPS2Controller and used your attached kexts on its own, and now I have gesture support and my keyboard works just fine. Thank you very much, Maldon!
  5. Did you manage to get gestures working on your trackpad? If yes what kexts did you use? Thanks.
  6. Can you provide some guidance on this please? How do I determine the correct PS2 Kext for my trackpad? What process do I need to follow? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've just installed macOS Catalina on my Broadwell Lenovo B50-80. I managed to get everything working except for gesture support for the touchpad. The touchpad itself works (clicks and moves with one finger) but when I go to Preferences, Trackpad, it is not recognised there and so I can't use any multi-touch gestures like scrolling, zooming etc. I believe my touchpad is an ELAN (I had ELAN drivers in Windows). I've tried different Voodoo PS2 kexts but I haven't managed to get gestures to work at all. I've tried to attach my RunMe output file and my Clover folder to this post for further information, but it says the files are too large, so here's a link instead. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BAIlKMrqm9vgXseluDgZNkwwyV8UYdg8 Please any help is appreciated. Thank you. Also I think my DSDT is OK but any help with DSDT/SSDT is appreciated.
  8. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], any ideas please?
  9. Hi [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], thanks for the reply. My Clover version is 5070. AppleALC version is: 2019-11-17 23:45:08.717494 Some info for AppleALC.kext => Identifier: as.vit9696.AppleALC | Version: 1.4.2 AppleHDA version is: 2019-11-17 23:45:07.145137 Some info for AppleHDA.kext => Identifier: com.apple.driver.AppleHDA | Version: 283.14 | Other infos: AppleHDA 283.14, Copyright © 2000-2019 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Inject Kexts is set to Yes.
  10. Hi all, I'm on macOS Catalina and I have this issue where sometimes when I boot into macOS, the sound won't work, and the OS won't recognise my audio hardware (neither speakers nor mic, but then when I restart (sometimes need to restart twice), it recognises the hardware and everything is well. Can anyone shed light on why this is happening? I'm using AppleHDA and AppleALC kexts, and injecting Layout 29. Any help is appreciated. If you need any more info on my system please let me know. PS: this also happens with trackpad sometimes, although less frequently.
  11. Thanks [ref]onemanosx[/ref], couldn't have done it without you.
  12. Aha, that was it. I missed CYCN. Patched it and now it works! Thanks, [ref]onemanosx[/ref]. Is there anything else I need to do regarding power/battery management?
  13. Hi [ref]onemanosx[/ref], I tried to follow this guide to patch up my DSDT. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work. I've attached both my original DSDT and the "patched" one. Could you please advise me on what went wrong? (I've also attached a RunMe extract if needed). Thanks. Send me Isams-MBP.lan.zip DSDT-Edited.zip DSDT-Original.aml.zip
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