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  1. hi bro @MaLd0n how to fix it? i try to redownload still found this error, i try to set the date same result anytime. Please help me? tq
  2. ok I will try again later maybe using RC2
  3. Okay, maybe it needs a little more touch. I tried to change the drive using another disk that is WDC the result reads normal (verified) but still having problems, unable to complete the installation process, installation runs 15 minutes remaining then restart, the problem is with the hard drive?
  4. cannot be erase, would you like to see the screenshots and my EFI folder? https://www.dropbox.com/s/589kvey5nnnir4j/EFI.zip?dl=0 screenshot.zip
  5. Please Help All Disk Not Support Can you tell me how to fix it My EFI folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/589kvey5nnnir4j/EFI.zip?dl=0 CPU Specs : Processor : Intel Core i3 540 3,6 Ghz RAM : 4GB DDR3 PC 10600 /1333 Mhz 2 GB DDR3 PC 10600 / 1600 Mhz iGPU : Intel HD Graphics eGPU : NVidia Geforce GT 710 Storage : 1x SATA Toshiba 1 Tb Ethernet : Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Gigabit Ethernet USB : Intel Chipset Display Size : 21,5 Inch Monitor Resolution : Full HD 1920 x 1080 Boot Mode : Legacy Installer USB Clover Version : r5125 OS Version trying to Install : macOS Bigsur Release Candidate Thanks for helping screenshot.zip
  6. thanks for the link, but it's still problem to download limit exceed https://prnt.sc/v8s99x limit bypass https://prnt.sc/v8sdyx file not existing https://prnt.sc/v8s7bl well thanks for sharing
  7. i mean 10.15.6 before 10.15.7 you added I have downloaded it before but it has been deleted, I want to save it for preparation for reinstallation
  8. i have success installed using version 10.15.6 then upgraded to 10.15.7, i don't have success to instal using 10.15.7
  9. hi @MaLd0n can you share again link for download Olarila Catalina 10.15.6.raw.bz2 thanks before
  10. in this list clarkdale does not exist http://prntscr.com/taux0y I have done a test using your EFI and the results cannot be booted I did restore, in step 6 it doesn't boot
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