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  1. Upgrade to 10.15.4 done perfectly. Before upgraded Clover to 5107, upgraded critical Kexts, upgraded EFI with MaLd0n's files. Thanks a lot Guys. Schermata.zip
  2. Just upgraded to 10.15.2 without any issues. First It is better to upgrade Clover, Kexts and clover configurator. upgrade.zip
  3. I would like to configure in clover WIN10 as permanently boot (Win 10 and macOS are in two different disks). I set "default boot volume" with windows EFI's Disk / Partition UUID. It seems that works but the automatic boot timeout doesn't start. I also tried to make a custom entry for the windows EFI volume, add a custom volume name and put it on "default boot volume" with the same result. Any suggestions?
  4. I bought a new Philips monitor model PHL24E9Q, connected via display port to my RX590. The audio control doesn't work and I can't set the volume with Catalina. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks Pal!! Lesson learnt: Always upgrade critical kexts before any upgrade!!!!!
  6. I just upgrading to 10.15.1...... during the installation the splash screen didn't show. After the upgrade, booting catalina the splash screen didn't show and the display remain black. the Graphic card is a RX590 8GB...... I am stuck......Any suggestions? Thanks a lots
  7. Thanks, upgrade done without any problems.
  8. After the upgrade reboot Catalina, how boot option have I choose in Cover: preboot option or macOS option? Thanks a lots.
  9. Just join the forum and install painless Catalina with your FANTASTIC IMAGE. Shutdown doesn't work fine, the pc reboot instead of to poweroff. Here my files. Thanks a lot in advance. Send me Biagios-iMac.zip
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