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  1. Hello, I give you my EFI! So I installed Big Sur Beta 3 over VMWare. Catalina works with it cleanly. Have fun EFI.zip OSX11 Beta 3.zip
  2. Bootloader: OpenCore MoBo: ASRock Z390 Phantom itx Bios 4.20 CPU : i9-9900 GPU : Radeon RX 5700 Red Dragon 8GB Mem : 32GB DDR4 3200 2x 16GB SSD M2: OSX 10.15.x SSD M2: WIN10 / Linux HDD: Seagate 10 TB Hello, with this EFI I can install Beta 3. Then after I try to install via SSD, I get this error message. I have no idea what to do.
  3. Thank you for your answer. So, I have the EFI from this site, the new ssdts, NVRAM is as iMac19.1. In fact, I can also boot Catalina 10.15.6 beta! Brilliant! I still have the "USBZ390GamingM.kext." because I thought it supports the chipset. Unfortunately, error messages... no matter what I do: USB.kext edited with hackintool, or these boot args: -v keepsyms = 1 debug = 0x100 alcid = 7 -lilubetaall booter-fileset-kernel booter-fileset-basesystem come this error message as can be seen in the three pictures! Archiv.zip
  4. Hello, I have the same problem, no matter what I do, USB error. I wonder how can I get the RX 5700 without WEG get going? I uploaded my config. Respect your work here! greecedrummer.zip
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