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  1. Thank you, hero Is the motherboard de effective GIGABYTE Z390 UD I am from the State of Algeria and we have problems in the local currency is very weak by the euro or 1 euro is equal to the dinar Algeria about 221 dinars And currently my budget is enough to buy the next motherboard GIGABYTE Z390 UD
  2. Hi guys I have a query about the best motherboard supports hackintosh Which is better to run Macintosh (Hackintosh) version Catalina : ASUS Prime Z370-P OR . GIGABYTE Z390 UD
  3. I followed all the bad steps but to no avail, the same problem remains
  4. Hi Where is csm disabled i am new in this hackintosh
  5. Hi guys I downloaded the following version and have already burned it as required The installation of the system began excellent after this stage I have a hard disk, I don't have SSD until I try the system on it The first phase passed without problems and the system driver copied files to the Hard Disk and restarted the machine without problems But at the stage of the actual system installs the device automatically turns itself off? My device specification MSI B360 Mortar CPU i5-8400 RAM 8GB HDD 320GB GPU RX580 8 GB
  6. Hi guys this is my specification CPU I5 8400 Ram 8GB GPU RX580 8GB MSI B360Mortar SSD 240Gb Team Group Is your computer capable of running macOs Catalina or not If it's yes, please help me out I need steps to install the system on it
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