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  1. Need patch for opencore bootloader. and also, i already had i2c patch for trackpad working on clover, will it work flawlessly on opencore bootloader? thanks Send me Chachis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  2. hello, im trying to patch my dsdt with i2c trackpad gpio pinning, but i got this error while compiling freshly disassembled dsdt
  3. Need patch for my ELAN I2C Trackpad https://i.imgur.com/RG2lmxC.png' alt='IMGUR>'> Send me Chachis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  4. need patch for audio, dGPU disable, touch pad and other patches needed . thanks Send me Chachis-MacBook-Pro.zip
  5. Hello im trying to boot macos mojave installer to my laptop Acer VX15 (intel core i5 7300HQ/ intel HD 630/ GTX1050) can someone please patch my acpi file, heres the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13HV62GcQH40IZmRT2e2wQI4x9DHqwZ3B thank you
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