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  1. I got you. The app basically reads the directory ( You must have had files in the TOOLS folder that are not required for you (not in the config file provided by MADLN) ) but the app does not know that, what I did was just deleted files that I don't need from TOOL folder and then use the app, anyway you could just delete the entries you don't need from the config file.
  2. Hello @MaLd0n, I've seen in your first post there are some quirks files for clover, what are they for? are they required for clover bootloader now? thanks
  3. Hi @MaLd0n I've got this kernel panic after updating the EFI, can you help me? Regards. ps. BIOS is updated to the latest versionIMG_1455.zip
  4. Hi @MaLd0n Did you have any problem after updating the kexts to their latest version? I updated the Voodoo* kexts and the trackpad stop working properly, I mean it shows up in System preferences but it would not respond to single taps, I have to use two fingers to use it. I had to restore the previous versions as follow: voodooI2C 2.4.3 voodooInput 1.0.6 voodooPS2Controller 2.1.5 The latest ones wouldn't work. I noticed that there is a new VoodooTrackpad.kext in the plugins of voodooPS2Controller, could that be the problem? Regards.
  5. Hi @MaLd0n I followed the guide to install vanilla opencore. Everything seems to be working except the keys to adjust the display brightness. As a test I didn't use any of the DSDT patches you provided. Is it possible for you to provide an isolated patch for the brightness ( through the keyboard I mean ). I want to try it to see if it works. Thanks ps. if anyone wants my EFI to try on their laptop, just let me know.
  6. Thanks @MaLd0n for all your support! I think I'm getting where I want to. Have a look. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SE6FXL_jg6O02AUlR2YD6wmXekoN4r9r/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi @MaLd0n I used your OC-58 EFI as model and I updated it to OC-59, everything is working but the boot menu. It shows a lot of *.efi stuff, and it doesn't show windows partition to boot from windows. Attached is the image. Can you help with this. Regards P.S. With the current video patch, HDMI won't turn on after sleep. Solved it with this boot arg: igfxonln=1 Archive.zip
  8. Hi @MaLd0n As a way to learn more about opencore I decided to update it to the latest release, I managed to do it, but there is one thing I missed, your opencore EFI has a nice theme, mine is just a list ( like 1,2,3) I tried comparing your config to mine but I couldn't find where you configured the theme Could you give me a hand with it? Regards
  9. Hi, you meant this : nvram -c in recovery mode? tried it but was not successful. I am going to try with a previews patch with last weg kext and see what I get.
  10. After applying your new patch, my main display stop working properly (the brightness is too low) , the second display (HDMI) worked fine. Tried to patch it with hacking tool but didn't work, had to go back to the previous EFI. Regards
  11. Hi @MaLd0n I updated my os to Catalina, and I have a tiny little problem, my second display is not recognised automatically , I have to turn my external display off and turn it on again to be recognised, it is connected to the HDMI port, try patching it using Hackintosh but it not working I can't get patch like yours, how did you get to this : <key>framebuffer-con0-alldata</key> <data> AAAIAAIAAACYAAAA </data> <key>framebuffer-con0-enable</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>framebuffer-con1-alldata</key>
  12. Hi @MaLd0n There is a new version of Opencore, do you advise upgrading to it ? Thanks ps. is it a simple procedure like clover?
  13. Hi @MaLd0n I've updated to the latest kext and the trackpad stop working(OpenCore), I've restored VoodooI2C to 2.3 and it worked again. This does not happen using Clover. Could you have a look at it Best regards. P.S.: on Clover, I need to use the previous version o Whatevergreen to be able to use both of my displays, I don't have this problem with OpenCore.
  14. I used Hackintool as you suggested, there is only one difference from what there is in your config and the patch generated by Hackintool. Mine does not have the AAPL00,override-no-connect stuff Now it is working . Thanks ! Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 11.41.53.zip
  15. Hi, I believe I made a mistake describing my issue. The laptop display doesn't show anything, just a gray screen. It only works with the secondary display (HDMI). Right now I m using the external display to write this email. The main display remains gray ( I do see brightness when I adjust it in System Preferences, but that's all) Any ideia what could be happening ? Thanks again for you help Regards (ps. I tested it with the kext you provided, and it is the same)
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