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  1. I've just compared previous config with the current one. SecureBootModel is enabled in the new config. I set it to Disabled and it ran smoothly. I'm still on Mojave, don't know if that's the reason.
  2. Thanks I've just downloaded it, but I got an error, could you check the picture please. I don't know what could cause it. Regards IMG_E1871.JPG.zip
  3. I got you. The app basically reads the directory ( You must have had files in the TOOLS folder that are not required for you (not in the config file provided by MADLN) ) but the app does not know that, what I did was just deleted files that I don't need from TOOL folder and then use the app, anyway you could just delete the entries you don't need from the config file.
  4. Hello @MaLd0n, I've seen in your first post there are some quirks files for clover, what are they for? are they required for clover bootloader now? thanks
  5. Hi @MaLd0n I've got this kernel panic after updating the EFI, can you help me? Regards. ps. BIOS is updated to the latest versionIMG_1455.zip
  6. Hi @MaLd0n Did you have any problem after updating the kexts to their latest version? I updated the Voodoo* kexts and the trackpad stop working properly, I mean it shows up in System preferences but it would not respond to single taps, I have to use two fingers to use it. I had to restore the previous versions as follow: voodooI2C 2.4.3 voodooInput 1.0.6 voodooPS2Controller 2.1.5 The latest ones wouldn't work. I noticed that there is a new VoodooTrackpad.kext in the plugins of voodooPS2Controller, could that be the problem? Regards.
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