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  1. hello,this is My new notebook Please help me Send me chanpengs-MacBook-Pro.zip
  2. hi Mald0n I I successfully used OC. but 5 energy only one,can you help me? my English is poor Send me iMac.zip
  3. I can't access Mac OS with OC. The error code is in the picture. I don't know what's wrong,can you help me? 1575629763711.jpg.zip
  4. Hi Mald0n Can you make DSDT for OC. I'm using clover now. Asus z370-f gaming i7-8700k sapphire rx580 Send me AppledeiMac.lan 2.zip
  5. Good day! Please help me This is extracted from clover by pressing F4 origin.zip
  6. I need help to dsdt i7 8700k ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING RX580 PLUS origin.zip
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