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  1. Just set csr-active-config to FF0F0000 And use -s in boot-arg then reboot and reset NVRAM
  2. Problem solved by adding -s to boot-arg and beta 10 successfully installed
  3. During installing big sur beta 10 i got this error and stuck :: Disk4 : device is write locked how can i fix this? Before that I install big sur beta 9 successfully
  4. Hi @MaLd0n I have an issue with big sur beta 9 I'm installed big sur beta 9 successfully Now every time mac os booting Receive these two logs for 5 minutes and then boot into the desktop also in Catalina, I have no issues Log image into the zip file Logs :: 1- virtual IOReturn CoreAnalyticsUserClient :: ClientMemoryForType 2- IOKit Daemon (kernelManagerd) :: X86PlatformPlugin Any idea? Image log.zip
  5. first copy to your drive then download the file
  6. this method is Amazing 🤘 I'm Edited my DSDT and worked for Me Special Thanks to MaLd0n and Piker-Alpha
  7. Hello MaLd0n problem solved trackpad is full functional and now IOReg shows my ACPI ID 🤘 thank you so much for your support and patching my DSDT
  8. smbios changed to macbookpro13,1 Now trackpad works 👍 but unstable and No multitouch plus, IOReg still doesn't show ACPI ID
  9. now I using olarila config but Nothing has changed and My trackpad Does not work and Thermal subsystem no longer installed only I'm removed some DSDT Rename like GFX To IGPU based on FAQ whatevergreen and AppleALC
  10. Hello I'm followed this guide step by step but no working for me I edit My DSDT and apply GPI0 controller patch but IOReg doesn't show ACPI ID My windows ACPI ID:: TPDE My ELAN based on ACPI: ELAN0501, ELAN0511 please help me
  11. please help me for DSDT patch native ACPI.zip
  12. Hi, guys, I have issues with intel thermal in PCI list for intel thermal, driver not installed and my system is a little bit overhit Can anyone help me
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