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  1. Hi MaLd0n! It just happened again The cursor appeared like in the below post but this time no gpuRestart in the "DiagnosticReports" folder. What could I do to troubleshoot this further? https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/btgre1/my_mouse_just_turned_into_a_rainbow_square_and_my/
  2. Thank you! I know didn't have all these before. I will test if it works. I generally get random crashes once or twice a day depending on the usage. I'll report back when something or nothing happens in a week or so. Do you have some links that I can learn correctly to do all the things you did?
  3. MaLd0n! ok I rebooted with your new clover. It boots, videoproc says everything is ok. Now what did you do? and what should I do now?
  4. I created it myself by following the vanilla build and hackintosher I'm sorry ... but ok let's fix it! Send me Rainer.zip
  5. I have a working hackintosh but I still got a gpuRestart. What I noticed is that todays restart gave me like 4 gpuRestarts restarts in a matter of minutes. Whats also strange is that the kernel report is pretty much empty. I’ll add screenshot in the bottom. Whats also strange is that my hack only recognises my Radeon graphics card in the ‘System Report’ but Preview and Quicksync are working. Even VideoProc shows that hw-acceleration on my hd630 is working. Plus I downloaded the Final Cut Pro trial and started to export a video. The screenshot of the Intel Power Gadget is also included, an
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