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  1. but, in the simple EFi don't work
  2. Hello! I Have a lenovo b5400. In zip have all specs of the laptop Help to create a EFI to boot a installer.. I want to install and don't work.... Modify BIOS... Thanks. Report.txt.zip
  3. I have a hackintosh since 2016... starts with capitan. In the past this compuer "Mac pro late 2013" Now is Imac 27" late 2013 The specifications of BIG SUR is "Mac pro late 2013" How to change mac model? Thanks
  4. In this zip have a photos of specifications hardware Gmail.zip
  5. Hello!! Can you help me to install hackintosh on lenovo b5400 ??? Thanks.
  6. Hello!!! I want to install Hackintosh on my Lenovo. Can you help me ??? What version would it work? Thanks
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