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  1. still no battery and touchpad just pointing i can't use clicks
  2. here it's i can also attach my old dsdt if you want. my laptop is HP Pavilion g6-1310ee Send me Omars-MacBook-Pro.zip
  3. i have an dsdt that was working on Mojave but with Catalina it doesn't work, any suggestions ?
  4. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], yes and i didn't find any thing useful
  5. ok mohamed, but i don't understand. what do you mean? can you explain in arabic ? Added in 13 seconds: [ref]MuhammadMoosa[/ref], ?
  6. i can't get battery indicator working on mojave even when i used patched dsdt and many kexts with no result my laptop model is HP Pavilion g6-1310ee Notebook PC
  7. how can i get intel 3000HD fully worked and accelerated, make the bar and dock transparent
  8. my laptop model is HP Pavilion g6-1310ee Notebook PC Send me Omars-MacBook-Pro.zip
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