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  1. Hello, please I'm experiencing a strange behaviour with my HP 800 G1 and displays connected with DisplayPort. If both my displays on, my Catalina won't boot. In order to boot, I need switch on my primary display, switch on my HP. Once booted, I need to switch on my secondary display. If I don't follow this sequence, either MacOS won't boot or get stuck loading Please do you know what could be wrong? Regards
  2. Anyone applied the IOAHCIBlockStorage patch in order to activate TRIM on Catalina?
  3. Hello, another question about 10.15.4, While investigating size of my Time Machine's backup with opensnoop, I noticed a lot of files from /var/db/uuidtext. The size of the directory is 150 M here and log stream --info --debug is sending so many messages This is a summary. You can notice a huge number of events in 3 days! Do you think there is something wrong? TIA! uuidtext % log stats --overview == archive ============================================================= size: 586 473 232 bytes 1 472 586 488 bytes (uncompressed) s
  4. Hello all, hope is fine for everyone, I'm under 10.15.4 using a Samsung 860 EVO SSD and all was fine until the last 2 days I'm experiencing slowdown with wheel of death and hangs even with 80 G free space. I noticed I don't have trim activated so I used the sudo trimforce enable command with no success. I mean, the mac displayed the disclaimer then reboot but... system_profiler SPSerialATADataType | grep 'TRIM' TRIM Support: No Do you have experienced such a behavior? Regards PS: csrutil status System Integrity Protection status: disabled
  5. Hello there, I'd issues after upgrading to Catalina. I've decided a fresh install and yeah, now: - I've sound through HDMI - I've now beautiful fonts - I've now USB with charge - I've filevault enabled! Fresh is the key ! But, why saying that.. it's about "trim". I don't have trim enabled with trimforce and I'd like to know if it's really necessary? TIA (I'm using Samsung SSD)
  6. Hello, I've made a donation right now. I hope everything is going well. I'd appreciate any help Regards
  7. Hello, please is it possible to have any patch on my DSDT. I have sometime freezes and no way to activate one of my front jack for audio in/out on my 800 G1 SFF and my ALC221 codec Thanks a lot in advance PS: I tried to build DSDT.dsl and add some patch for HDEF: https://textuploader.com/duwo6 I tried some patch (RTC fix and SMBUS fix) but I've too many errors while trying to Compile Thanks a lot in advance DSDT.aml.zip
  8. Thanks, I can't in the first step! Ubuntu not working and so unable to get codec_dump ...
  9. Hello, still have some questions. I've searched the forum with no luck. I still have a 800G1 SFF with 1 audio back and 2 audios front (line + line/in) I can't get my front line/in jack work neither as audio output nor input. Do you have any idea? Regards
  10. Hello my HP SFF has the following components: - Intel Haswell HDMI - Realtek ALC221 I'm using an DisplayPort -> HDMI cable which works well for video but none for audio Here are my kext: AirportBrcmFixup 2.0.6 AppleALC 1.4.6 FakeSMC 3.5.2 IntelMausiEthernet 1.0.2 Lilu 1.4.1 NoTouchID 1.0.3 NullCPUPowerManager 1.0.0d2 VoodooPS2Controller 2.1.1 VoodooTSCSync 1.5.0 WhateverGreen 1.3.6 Please can you give me any advice? Regards PS: don't know how to add config.plist
  11. Thanks a lot for your quick answer. Do you think this needs special skills? I'm able to export and disassemble aml / dsl but can't go further? I can see you're a kind of guru for patching? Regards
  12. Hello, Happy New Year to everybody ! I need some advice please, I've built a Catalina machine based on an HP EliteDesk 800 G2 with Olarila (with your help!) I'm facing a strange issue. After some time, I think also some hibernation, I'm not able to browse with any browser or whatever using the Internet. Everything is working quite well except browsing like Chrome that I'm unable to quit... the machine won't reboot and I need a hard boot by unpowering it. Please do you think there is something I should update or change? I've put my config.plist and a list of my kext
  13. Hello, just giving u some feedback . . . . AWESOME ! In my case everything was enabled. I just had to change my 6 ports as internal and dig around to know how to apply the patch! Thanks a lot !
  14. Hello, thanks a lot for your quick answer. I had a look but don't understand everything, sorry This post seems to enable or disable USB port. Every port seem ok but this message "USB Accessory Needs Power" connect "USB Reader" to a USB port on this Mac. Did I miss something? Regards
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