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  1. here you are: https://we.tl/t-j5CCx8wx3Z However I have to say that unfortunately using your DSDT make the trackpad stuttering and not working properly 😕 hi MAldon, The trackpad problem I think it was due to the "Force click and haptic feedback" enabled. With this option disabled the trackpad doesn't have the preview issue. In mojave using Clover I remember it was enabled and it didn't drive me so crazy. Probably it's a partially solution
  2. Sure! sorry. however I've changed the smbios from macbookpro 14.3 to 14.1 and now my hdmi works (i'm dumb, I've done the same when I was struggling with mojave)! Do you want something else besides ioreg?
  3. What do I need to check? 😇 I can't see any noticeable differences from the old DSDT 😕 (on how the pc responds)
  4. Hi, I've recently installed Catalina using Opencore (from Mojave-Clover), but I've got some problems regard HDMI, Trackpad and Wifi, Can someone help me? -HDMI- not working at all (nothing happen) -Trackpad- It works but when I click on a file a preview is shown (similar to when I select a file and press space bar) Wifi- I have an intel ac dual 8265 and it works perfectly through iphone's hotspot, but sometimes when I connect to my home modem the pages keep loading, loading and loading. I patched my DSDT file for the trackpad (polling mode) and for the battery, and only th
  5. Hy guys, I tested better my hacky, and I found some issues. Fortunately they are not big problems. -Hdmi audio doesn't work, and with HDMI my internal display has more contrast(not that much) while the external display have more brightness than normal (more brightness than my other pc desktop with Mojave, and more brightness than the internal display of my laptop. Seems to be in heaven, but I don't know maybe it's normal, my external monitor has a lot of brightness of it's own) -Headphone output is terrible. It's distorted and the sound has very noisy texture. I wanted to try alcplug
  6. Yes that's right, I was a little bit confused because of other guides I read about other asus laptops
  7. Yes-ish. The DSDT caused the kp, but In the method _CRS of TPD0, I always changed return(SBFI) in SBFG and returnconca....(SBFB, SBFI) in SBFB, SBFG. In my case , as the github documentation said, I needed only return(SBFI) and returnconcate...(SBFB,SBFI), for a working trackpad, and no other patches
  8. I updated the bios, installed again mojave, dropped the new acpi tables, patched dsdt from start and populated the patched folder. Now my pc is fully working
  9. OKOKOKOK. I delete all the .aml files in the patched folder, and with voodoo kexts in EFI/.../Other mojave works. So I think there is something in dsdt that cause the problem, is it possible?
  10. I think I'm going to use this kernel flag -uia_exclude_ss uia_exclude=, excluding the external mouse and a usb for a external keyboard Added in 49 minutes 50 seconds: nope, same problem
  11. If I delete the hs08 line in SSDT-UIAC.aml?
  12. I can't boot again, so I delete voodoo (from windows with explorer++), boot in mojave and my keyboard backlight keys stop working. Is my keyboard connected by usb? In ioreg i see on hs08
  13. I think I delete voodoo now Send me stefanos-MBP.zip
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