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  1. I would try it in another machine to see if its a bad card, otherwise it could be a problem with the mobo. If you can, try the other pci slot first. If by Gigabyte menu you mean a splash screen that covers up POST messages, turn it off in the bios to see what its stopping at.
  2. Please guide me to find DSDT for gigabyte B85M-D3H. I installed Maverick and updated it to 10.9.4 and its working fine but the only problem is I cant play any video in any video player except the quick time and quick time plays the video with little shaking screen.
  3. Ol√°, consegui instalar certinho o SL 10.6.3 pelo pendrive bootavel utilizando o Nawcom, atualizo para o 10.6.8 e continuo dando boot normal pelo nawcom, mais quando instalo o chameleon wizarda √ļltima vers√£o dispon√≠vel, a inicializa√ß√£o para em nanoseconds, oque pode estar ocorrendo? Grato pela ajuda.
  4. Hi MaLd0n, ive no luck try to boot from Olarila Mojave and clover folder notebooks chipset series 5,6,7,8,9 but halted, any way to know what is the problem? thanks.
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