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  1. Found on site out there : Fixing APFS Snapshot Procedure Boot into the Big Sur installer USB or run Big Sur in recovery mode Open a terminal, type `csrutil disable` and reboot When back into the installer, run `diskutil list` to find the location of the "Macintosh HD" disk, such as disk2s5 Mount it using `diskutil mountDisk ` such as `diskutil mountDisk disk2s5` then run `mount -uw ` such as `mount -uw /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/` to mount it as read write Run `/System/Library/Filesystems/apfs.fs/Contents/Resources/apfs_systemsnapshot -v -r “”` Then, to delete the snapshots on the disk, run `diskutil apfs listSnapshots ` and take note of each UUID of the snapshots Run `diskutil apfs deleteSnapshot -uuid ` for all snapshots on the disk. Verify that there are no more snapshots by running `diskutil apfs listSnapshots ` it should return "No Snapshots for disk" Reboot into the Big Sur desktop and make sure that running `sudo mount -uw /` returns no errors and that running `diskutil info /` returns a disk such as disk2s5 and not a snapshot such as disk2s5s1 Make sure in step 5. you re-type (") before enter in your terminal
  2. Does the wifi works before in catalina? I think in big sur you should disable SIP on recovery mode the create snapshot to get sudo mount -uw / works. @MaLd0n ever told about it
  3. What Wifi are you using, I have solved that problem too by removing that,. but in my case I must disabled my brcmfirmwaredata.kext on my config.plist. if I enabled that in config.plist I got panic in the first boot "Applesmc failed to load"
  4. Hi Sir @MaLd0n, Any recommend for what version of your old & good fakesmc? I've tried fakesmc version from 2014 till 2018 no luck. I need fakesmc to boot without "boot-fileset-xxx" I have problem on brcmfirmwaredata.kext, if I inject on Opencore with virtualsmc got stuck in the forst boot applesmc failed to load with "boot-fileset-xxx" disable. but if I enable "boot-fileset-xxx" => 00 I got stuck in the end of boot "applekey store failed. FYI: Boot can running smoothly if I uncheck brcmfirmwaredata.kext on config.plist opencore. the problem is without that kext my wifi not works hehe I just upgraded from beta 3 to beta 4 Thanks in advance
  5. Big Thanks, for you Master! with your DSDT patched I saw in system report like a real mac. But I don't know why.. the VoodoI2C it seem conflict. sometime trackpad not working and when I tried to restart its works again.
  6. Hi Sir @MaLd0n Lol, Like I said, I did multiple search "here and there" 😁 Heres New SendMe like your advice, but I can't remove all ssdts, without "SSDT-EC-USBX-LAPTOP.aml" wont boot and got KP : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Oc62L8o7FJ-rl2hnwoJxgdNxx6rIADD8/view?usp=sharing Thank You Sir
  7. Hi @MaLd0n Need your advice.. Motherboard : HP Probook 430 G6 CPU : i5-8265U Graphics : UHD 620 Network : DW1820A (Upgraded) macOS : Big Sur Beta 3 (20A5323l) Boot : Opencore What works : Everything work fine (after multiple search) What not works : 1. Won't sleep when lid closed (have to manual click sleep) 2. After wake up from sleep with push power button, keyboard not working but trackpad still works but can't click anything like freeze. and I must force shutdown via push long power button. Send Me : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ERKVwwVjItaV1OhZ-4nUnduIUpO7fo9U/view?usp=sharing Thank You,-
  8. Try this @MaLd0n workaround, I'm be able to boot form USB installer from that method. I Used "Premade EFI USB Installer Series 100/200/300/400"
  9. Yes Sir I did it, even I tried all compatible id pci14e4,43a0, pci14e4,43ba, pci14e4,43b1, pci14e4,43b2 etc that show on IOreg brcm_Nic. the kext I noticed loaded on ioreg, but can't be able to turn wifi on. but its weird because when I look ioreg when I using clover, ID saw pci14e4,4353, I've tried to that ID on Opencore but no luck the result same, I cannot turn wifi on. Sir @MaLd0n, Hope you do research for issues Clover booting Big Sur Beta 3 purpose. So its can boot anymore like in Beta 1 & 2. 😬
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm currently running Big Sur Beta 2 Clover on my HP Probook 430 G6 with @MaLd0n workaround. all function works like charm including my replaced wifi DW1820A. a while back ago I tried to upgraded to Big Sur Beta 3 with OpenCore, again from @MaLd0n workaround. what I did to upgraded is, I just copied mald0n EFI Premade for 1000, xxx to my EFi folder on Big Sure Beta 2 Installed on my laptop and upgrading directly from system update. as a result upgrade process running smoothly. But the issues is With OpenCore workaround I can't turn my wifi on, while in Clover its not problem.( with the same kexts) With Big Sur Beta 3 I cannot restore to Clover Anymore, cannot boot with it (while in Beta 1 & 2 Clover still works) that is the reason why I back to Beta 2. I just confused OpenCore and Clover with the same kexts are works fine to my system with the same kexts form beta 1 to beta 3, but on OpenCore my Wifi issues still persist while on clover its not.
  11. @MaLd0n Sir, I have laptop HP Probook 430 G6 Core i5 with GPU UHD 620 run with Catalina 10.15.5 now. Let me know if your guide Big Sur will works for my laptop. Thanks! 🙏 Send me File : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q4-VZ5rbytEV_diJa9fS70GyFUOn4WYs/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi MaLd0n, I need your help to fix my audio & connector HDMI to External Monitor not works. Thanks in Advance! origin.zip Send me Hendras-Air.mitophone.me.zip
  13. Hai Maldon, I've managed to achieve graphics acceleration on my UHD 620 integrated graphics on my Laptop HP Probook 430 G6. but the backlight at maximum settings is extremely low, and audio not works too. Any help would be much appreciated. Send me Hendras-MBP.mitophone.me.zip
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