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  1. Hi, I've tried to upgrade Clover on EFI but it's not working so far...it detects the current version of Clover and suggests the latest version but on hitting 'Update' I keep getting 'cloverx64.efi file not found'. I've also tried downloading the latest version of Clover and installing but it installs the files on the Mac HD rather than within EFI. EFI folder is mounted and SIP removed and still no joy. Any ideas please? Thanks
  2. Happy New Year MALD0N, I tried your updated EFI but the screen just goes blank part way through Apple progress bar/loading. I've managed to get in by adding the boot arg agdpmod=pikera. I know before you asked for that to be removed because it's a supported GPU (RX 5700 XT). Also noticed it's slower to boot since adding XHCI-unsupported.kext and SystemProfilerMemoryFixup.kext.
  3. Hi MaLd0n, Any advise for the above? Thanks
  4. Hi MaLd0n, sorry for the late reply. I was away for Christmas. I've checked the configs which appear to be correct. Still unable to see DVMT in the bios but it hasn't caused a problem so I'm assuming it's OK. I have noticed that the Mac in your screenshot is IMac Pro whereas my SMBIOS for iMac19,1 displays as iMac (Retina 5K, 27-Inch, 2019" ) is this correct? Several of the USB ports are not working on my Z390 Designare and 2 x usb 2 ports on the front panel of my Fractal case are also not working. I've opened Hackintool and can see it's not detected some of the ports. Have attached another send_me in case you need it. Many thanks
  5. I've optimised the Bios setting and have double checked settings for Mac OS. I've disabled IGPU and removed shikigva=128 boot arg. It's now booting up fine and on initial inspection appears to be working, however under System Profile and Thunderbolt it's empty. I believe the Z390 Designare Thunderbolt should work with Catalina? On another note, DVMT is missing from bios. Unsure how it's become invisible but unable to verify its 64mb.
  6. I've managed to boot back in, changed vt-d = on and DVMT = 96mb. I've since booted in again but disabled vt-d again and disabled IGPU in bios. DVMT option no longer appears in bios.
  7. Thanks MaLd0n, unfortunately I've just hit a problem. I've not changed any settings since updating to your optimised EFI. I ran some benchmarks and signed in to iCloud and then shutdown. I just tried to boot to look at disabling IGPU as suggested but I'm now getting a 'Couldn't allocate runtime area' message. My usb boot drive doesn't help. Any ideas?
  8. New send_me, thanks! On another note, do you think it's worth switching to OpenCore at the moment or is it still too unstable for Z390?
  9. Hi MaLd0n, It worked with agdpmod=pikera. Thank you! Is there any further optimisation to do? Thanks again
  10. Hi MaLd0n, Having issues with a fresh install of Catalina 15.2. Spec: Z390 Designare RX 5700 XT Saphire Nitro + i9 9900k When I try and display 'About this Mac' it crashes every time. RunMe file Donation on its way. Thanks in advance.
  11. Should this SSDT be included with SSDT-TB3HP.aml or should I delete? When in sleep the only way to wake was by pressing power button. keyboard and mouse unable to wake but have just checked and it seems to be working with the exception that it sounds like the PC fans wind down to silent then a few minutes later the power button starts flashing and the fans wind up again. Display stays in sleep. I'm using HDMI as I believe Displayport on the Z390 Designare is an input from dGPU which can then be output from Thunderbolt port. As I only have iGPU I believe only HDMI will work but it should work at [email protected] Currently the max resolution available within display settings is 2560x1440 but refresh rate is greyed out and 60 hertz.
  12. Thanks MaLd0n. Unfortunately I'm still only seeing up to 2k resolution options under display. Still sleep/wake issues too. Send me iMac.zip
  13. Here you go. Thanks Send me iMac.zip
  14. Hi MaLd0n, file replaced and it booted up fine. Wake/sleep isn't quite right though. When it goes in to sleep I can't wake from keyboard/mouse, I have to press power button. Darkwake=0 issue?
  15. Hi MaLd0n, Having some issues with getting 4k resolution to work in IGPU... Gigabyte z390 Designare i9 9900k Intel HD 630 32gb 3200mhz Vengeance 2 x 1tb m.2 Adata SSD Mojave (10.14.6) is up and running but I'm unable to get the IGPU to detect the correct resolutions, the max resolution detected is 2560 x 1440. Within 'About This Mac' it's detected as UHD Graphics 630 (mobile) 2048MB. SMBIOS is iMac 19,1. Monitor is Benq PD3200U with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160. All works in Windows just struggling to get it to work in Mac OS. Have just donated...Please help, oh and if you're able to suggest improvements to DSDT/config that would be much appreciated. Many thanks Send me iMac.zip
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