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  1. Sorry I may seem dumb, use bios/uefi in default, meaning what, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I have tried many times but failed to load BigSur, I may have loaded my Bios wrong. My set up is: GA-Z270X-Gaming SOC, Intel i54700, I have uploaded what I get on the monitor. I have entered Load Defaults, MEM Settings - Profile1, Fast Boot - Disable, Windows Profile - 8/10, Lan PXE Boot Option - Disable, Boot and Other - UEFI, Instant Display Output - Pci1 slot, XHCI Hands Off - Enable, Legacy USB Support - Enable, Network Stack - Disable, Sata Mode - AHCI, Vtd - Disable. I hope someone can help, thanks. IMG_0731 2.zip
  3. I have installed Big Sur and so far everything seems fine but for a small thing, when online there is a pause of 6 second, when I place the arrow of the mouse onto the red left hand quit button, is there something that I'v missed, thanks.
  4. Zap


    Does macOS bigSur require Metal GPU or Graphic's card or can I use internal, thanks.
  5. Zap


    Thank you, I'll try.
  6. Zap


    Hi, my PC is as follows- intel core i7 4771 Haswell - GA-Z87X-UD5H - intel 4600 Graphics -16GB DDR3 - 250GB SSD, I'v tried to install BigSur but it says it can't install, is my hardware to old for this install, or am I doing something wrong. Thanks.
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