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  1. Oh nice! I'm glad it worked this time. Thank you very much!
  2. I updated my post, it now includes the clover folder. Sorry, i had trouble booting with this folder first. I had to change the smbios and some gpu related things. The config file is still the same though. I hope it will work this time
  3. Okay, here are the files with the required clover folder. EDIT: Sorry, i had to upload the clover manually because it wasn't inside the SEND_ME.zip. but i managed to fix it by mounting the partition before starting the RunMe.app (unfortunately it wouldn't boot with these settings, i had to change the smbios and some GPU related things (blackscreen)) i hope that's okay Send me Gravartys-iMac.zip
  4. Hey everyone, i'm on catalina beta 8 right and it's working fine so far except that some of my USB ports don't work. It did work on Mojave with a DSDT from a similar setup, but it would be nice to have a DSDT configured just for my hardware. I'm okay with downgrading back to mojave, if it's still too early for proper catalina patches. thanks Send me Gravartys-iMac.zip CLOVER.zip
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