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  1. Hi, need a new DSDT for OC and I have slow boot problem. Here it is my Send Me files. If it is possible thank you. https://workupload.com/file/EYPuMPyFzgt
  2. Case closed. I finally found the solution. I used ig-platform-id= 0x07009b3e before and when I changed ig-platform-id down below everything works now. PEG is primary, IGPU also enabled on BIOS with this ig-platform-id.
  3. Hi, both apps crashing on startup; I am using OpenCore v0.6.0. IGPU is enabled in BIOS but primary GPU is PEG. VideoProc shows hardware info OK. But I don't get it why tis crash happening. All kexts and drivers are latest version. Any idea how can I fix this problem?
  4. @MaLd0n is your "sudo mount -uw /" working? When I try I am getting error 66. Second question can you boot in Recovery? When I try to boot in recovery "OCB: LoadImage failed - Unsupported" error coming. is there any way the fix both issues?
  5. Not "BigSur22" you must use own dev/diskname. (disk5 or disk2 etc.) or share your diskutil preview here.
  6. Thank you MaLd0n everythings work now. 🤘
  7. I tried this on External SSD but I cant make a boot. After loading bar finished monitor signal losing. I added same EFI to SSD all boot arg include the NVRAM parameters but I cant make a boot. Here is the verbose; it doesnt stuck here its finishing and signal loss. @MaLd0n should I add these NVRAM parameters to my Catalina EFI/config.plist too?
  8. No overclock. On 10.15.3 this patch was working even RTCMemoryFix.kext also was working. But after update the 10.15.4 both are not working anymore.
  9. Hi @MaLd0n what is this; is it possible the create a SSDT for it? https://imgur.com/SgOfniN IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/[email protected]/AppleACPIPCI/pci8086,[email protected],2 PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x14,0x2)
  10. Thank you MaLd0n I back to Clover. It's much stable and looks much easier to fix. Thank you again
  11. It didn't work. I changed OC EFI with Clover EFI restart but it still boots in Open Core.
  12. I did this and now my Bluetooth shows no hardware. I clean NVRAM delete this SSDT and drop OEM value restart but it didn't fixed. I don't know how can I fix this. I also tried boot with Clover USB Disk but it didn't affect anything. Still shows no hardware. Without mouse, I can't make anything. is there any way to fix this?
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