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  1. Hello again ! check this other one made with your clover EFI folder i forgot to change the folders ... bless up ! thanks Send me iMacdeMioStudio.zip
  2. Mojave i9 9900k b360 ds3h rx 580 8gb (red devil) 64gbm 4x16 ssd 480 hd 1 tb the only problem is the random reboot and I don't know what to do... Send me iMacdeMioStudio.zip
  3. Hi, Can you help me checking my files please, my hack works fine but before this atual config i had some problems with freeze ! os Mojave 10.14.5 Motherboard Gygabyte b360 d3sh 3.6 Ghz Intel core i9 9900k 64gb DDR4 2400Mhz SSD Kingston 480gb 1 tb HDD Radeon red devil rx 580 8gb thanks! Arquivo Comprimido.zip
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