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  1. Hello.. My ALC295 has volume slider workin but no sound.. SENDME FILE :https://filebin.net/vco3yil7hh1h69j3/Send_me_Karyde-MBP.zip?t=ky0hjsfi can you help me fix it?
  2. Hello, My audio volume slider is working but no sound when playing video. Can u help me fix that? ALC295, thanks a lot Weird setting I cannot upload my sendme file because of size limits.. link here.. https://filebin.net/vco3yil7hh1h69j3/Send_me_Karyde-MBP.zip?t=ky0hjsfi
  3. earlier for 1 latest for 2 both are not working 1.zip 2.zip
  4. Check it out~ Thanks Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  5. Didnt work, latest send me Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  6. Not working. Attaching latest Send me. Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  7. Sorry for replying super late. I reinstalled my Windows and Hackintosh altogether due to partition errors. Here's the send me file. Not working trackpad with latest dsdt Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  8. https://imgur.com/aeXJRb9 did u intentionally use this language of windows lol btw it shows this on windows https://i.imgur.com/UQaz4yz.png' alt='IMGUR>'>
  9. I decided to upload here cuz the pm function is hard to use.. plz take a look at the attached doc. Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  10. Hi . I'm willing to try anything that would make my touchpad work u got idea right?
  11. last send as attached. Appreciated for your help! And so much thanks. May I know what is the issue behind? Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  12. Is it the last dsdt.. but still unable to get it working Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
  13. Wow Singapore! Gonna have a Southeast Asia trip soon. Not going to Singapore because its way too expensive that I'm unaffordable as a fresh graduate lol ( I want to go there so badly What would be the culprit? There's another laptop which is pretty similar to mine, the yoga s730. It doesn't bother like mine does. If success, I would definitely upload EFI folder for other 730s users to make their hackintosh ) gonna add your credit too! So thankful 🤩 Send me Comsons-MacBook-Pro.zip
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