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  1. #1 I have a Gtx 970 installed, but I don't want to use it as Hardware Acceleration, only my HD 4000, but it isn't recognized by the system. This is my Config Attached, and I've tried a several number of things, Hackintool patches, The "An iDiot's Guide To Lilu and its Plug-ins" tutorial, Framebuffer for Intel Graphics, but none have solved my problem, every time I go to About This Mac I can't see my Intel Graphics on the Graphics/Display section. Help Please PS: 1 - It does work when I completely remove my GTX from my motherboard, but it is not a good option, because I have a windows system, and I use it to gaming, and want to use my Mac to work, as previously I was using Mac OS High Sierra. 2 - When I connect my HDMI only to the onboard Input I got black screen, I can't even see my BIOS, completely black. 3 - When I set on BIOS "Primary Display: IGPU", I got BIOS screen, but Clover simply doesn't boot, I got the blinking underline on the top left side of the screen. 4 - When I tried any of the "Devices > Proprieties - AAPL,GfxYTile and disable-external-gpu" I got stuck at the Apple Logo. It still load until the end., very slowly, but it does not start. 5 - I've tried to Inject Intel, it was no good 6 - Tried boot-args: nv_disable=1 -wegnoegpu igfxframe=frame, in every possible combination with the previous described attempts, it was no good. I've attached my files on the thread, is there anything there that could be causing this issue?Clover Kexts:FakeSMCVoodooPS2ControllerNullCPUPowerManagementLiluWhateverGreenApplePS2ControllerAppleALCRealtekRTL8111AirportBrcmFixupMaybe I need some DSDT change? I've found a "[Guide] Disabling discrete graphics in dual-GPU laptops", but in my case it is a DesktopI've never changed anything that has anything to do with DSDT, could this be an issue? Thanks for the help! Screenshots Specs and Config.rar
  2. Hey man, I'm still needing, I've tried everything, but I can't get Full HD resolution and Network to work! Could this be something else than DSDT?
  3. Send me Gabriels-iMac.zip I'm having a problem with my network, when I used the Chipset config it stoped showing my network card on PCI boards, now it don't show neither on network cards or PCI. My actual problems are, Ethernet, Audio and Nvidia video (cont set to 1080p). Processor: Intel Core I7 3770, GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 and Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-LX (up to date UEFI BIOS)
  4. I didn't find this specific option on my BIOS, but I've found a "Primary Display", and it have PcI-E, PCI and iGPU, I selected PCIE, and nothing changed. I've even disabled every Intel resource. Could this be something with my Olarila Image on the USB?
  5. Hey guys I'm having some problems installing Hackintosh Sierra! My Desktop is a I7 3770, a GTX 970 with a Asus P8Z77-LX. I downloaded Sierra from Olarila, and booted with etcher. The first problem is when I'm using -v that I get this error And the second is when I'm using nv_disable=1, that I reach apple logo, but get stuck at the last bit of load bar, and have the spinning wheel as well. Please Help
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