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    1. Hello, Here is my Sense, can u help me one DSDT full patch Send me Big-Sucks-iMac-Pro.zip
    2. Ah, oke, if remove whatevergreen, all of this kext's boot agr also uneffected right ?
    3. Hi MaLdon. i followed you but doesnt work if i remove USBinjectall.kext. This way need USB port patch or not sir ?
    4. so that... Then can u help me for EFI OC UEFI. I also use legacy for test, just like u.
    5. Foget to tell you, can u help me about OC EFI with legacy bios.
    6. Hello MaLdon, can u help me this. I want opencore bootloader Thank you first! Send me MacBook-Pro-lamtanloc.zip
    7. Helo Maldon! Can you help me patch somethings here Send me lamtanlocs-iMac.zip
    8. Here is my runme.app from. Send me lamtanlocs-MacBook-Pro.rar
    9. Hello Mirone. I have a problems with my cx20722. I was used appleALC method. My audio work well but i can not mute the sound while able to up and down volume. I was tried the appleHDA patcher then got KP. Can u give me some help or advices ?
    10. [ref]lamtanloc512[/ref], check if Mirone have a solution for it How i contact with him ?
    11. As I told you my problem, i was use appleALC and inject layout. I was checked Conexant CX20722 codecs, there is only layout-3 show up, then my audio work oke, but I can not mute the sound. here is my runme. Can you check for me ? Thank you! Send me lamtanlocs-MacBook-Pro.zip
    12. Hello Maldon. I have trouble with coxexants cx20722 codec. I can not mute the sound. U know this problem ?
    13. Hello Madlon, today I used your new 10.14.6 image and createusb with balena eatcher, but I faced off KP even use config2. Some advices Boss ? I am using, dell vostro 5459 i5 6200u, 8gb ram. And my audio codec is cx20722 so I used lilu and appleALC then the sound work fine, I can plus or minus volume but can not mute sound from statusbar and panel, it's mean the box mute tick is not available ... Last is the problem, which is can not boot with battery in UEFI mode. U know any about these errors Sir ? Can u help me or give some advices. Send me lamtanlocs-MacBook-Pro.rar
    14. Hi Boss, after first laptop patch erything should work fine, but mine still some issues: - Function keys are not in right position - Can not adjust brightness monitor - Trackpad not show but can try to use (hard to use) - My dell vostro 5459 can not boot from battery, only can boot from Ac power supply - After sleep the keyboard light instantly wake ...etc.. Help me please Boss!! <3 Send me lamtanlocs-MacBook-Pro.zip
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