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  1. Thank U so much, sir. Need to use WeTransfer due to limited file size. https://we.tl/t-cMHzWg8z2j Greets from Poland and Happy Easter!
  2. Hi guys. I tried to work with hackintosh years ago using iATKOS images. Since then i upgraded my configuration and I ma running on Intel i5 4690K, Asrock Z97 pro4 motherboard and Radeon R9 380. Is there any chance to run this distro on my configuration? Is there any step by step book for begginers? I trying to search answers to my questions by my own but i dont know... it seems that instalation of hackintosh thisdays is much much harder and more complicated than it was 10 years ago when i tried to do this. I'll be gratfull for any advice. Gretings form Poland And please excuse me my poor
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