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  1. Hello everyone, Ive a problem to do the Native Power Management patch to get the PC awake after sleep. I want to use the MacBookPro8,2 SMBIOS because this MacBookPro comes close to my CPU. When Im trying to generate the MacBookPro8,2 SMBIOS with CloverConfigurator and inject Nvidia and boot with nvda_drv=1 and add the board-id to GraphicsDevicePolicy.kext. After reboot the apple logo shows up, loader start loading, at the end I get a black screen. The strange part is that when I generate the MacBookPro8,2 SMBIOS with CloverConfigurator and ONLY change the productname to iMa
  2. with this clover I cant’t load OS... I need transfer all data from hdd to extern disk and then I will trying install again macos but with your clover. Question is with or without dsdt.aml?
  3. Hi, I've got Lion installed on a software RAID setup used to be a working SL setup as well as an installation of Lion on a spare drive which I can boot into. I'm using the 1649 trunk of Chameleon as my boot loader. When I try to boot into my raid partition I get the error: "failed to locate SMC device." My research has shown that this is typically caused by not having FakeSMC.kext, but I have it in S/L/E, as well as E/E on both boot helper partitions though with Lion and RAID you don't seem to need an E/E folder, right? Anyway - anyone have a diagnosis or any advice? Thanks much apprecia
  4. Esses patches especГ­ficos para placa-mГЈe substituem os individuais? Por ex.: Esse Г© o da minha mobo Local Link Removed for Guests, ele jГЎ contГ©m os patches: WAK, HPET, AZAL to HDEF, RTC . . . ou nГЈo? Qual o critГ©rio para usГЎ-lo?
  5. i can boot without DSDT but i would like to learn how to patch it correctly anyway because i plan on upgrading my mobo eventually but cant afford it right now.
  6. I am Having trouble extracting Zelda - wand of gamelon,I managed to get the raw files into a folder on HD, is there a program that can turn those files into a single image?
  7. INSTALEI O hackintosh iatkos s3 v2 a instalaçao foi sem problema só que quando ele reniciou ele foi para uma tela cinza e fica travado lá oque devo fazer ?
  8. hi, I need to create virtual directory on Internet information services 7. The readme file includes data on Internet information services 6. I need to set permissions. To which users these permissions need to be set on? thanks
  9. NГЈo seria um Aplicativo responsГЎvel por gravar o Audio do computador nГЈo? kext universal para Audio Г© VoodooHDA.
  10. Se nГЈo me engano, no High Sierra o web driver saiu depois da versГЈo final do OS 25/09/2017 enquanto o primeiro beta saiu dia 05/06.
  11. Tudo bom toddynho, sera que seria possivel vc me arrumar sua dsdt, tenho um 3543-A30, Г© o mesmo modelo do seu note? obrigada
  12. Will this guide include a script for the plot too? Also translated menu selections would be nice too.
  13. Tentei rodar esses comandos mas nessa tela meu teclado nГЈo funciona mais. SerГЎ que tenho que formatar de novo?
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