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  1. Problem downloading programs from the App Store I am using Catalina and BigSur. Both have the same problem. When I press the download button, it asks for a password, after entering the password, it goes back to the beginning I can't download any program. how can i solve the problem?
  2. good day . thanks for your hard work. i have installed bigsur on my hp laptop i5-1035g1. everything works fine except trackpad. keyboard works but mouse (trackpad) does not work. thank you in advance https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S852lia_XAPfvvo_cWmiqH_L9GxX1Fgt/view?usp=sharing i think the problem is ACPI. but I don't know how to edit and where is the problem. because i also installed catalina with other EFI, trackpad works there. in EFI from catalina ACPI, SSDT-OLARILA.aml. in EFI of BigSur ACPI, DSDT.aml and I don't know the difference
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